1. This is a very interesting comparison, thanks.
    I’m puzzled why you assume Google Analytics is accurate and base your “accuracy” figures on that. In my (limited) experience, Google Analytics was not very accurate, when I compare with server logs for example. Amongst the many issues were a large portion of my visitors just blocking Google Analytics altogether. Google are not very forthcoming about their collection and counting methods — with the open source offerings, it’s easy to see how the counts are triggered (and of course they have no vested interests in shaping the metrics, as they’re not in the ads/page impressions business).

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with Google Analytics.

      I use Google Analytics as a benchmark because it is popular and many people trust the data it provides, although it may not be completely accurate.

      It’s important to keep in mind that each analytics tool has its own way of collecting and counting data from websites.

  2. Thanks for the comprehensive review. It was useful. I am considering add analytics to my blog, and this gives me a good idea of what to expect.

  3. nice detailed article, thanks! i have tested some and finally landed on usermaven, which have a free tier and a paid tier. no cookie and seems gdpr compliant, but if you have more info about it i’ll be happy to read them.

  4. Great review – I’d really appreciate a review of statcounter if you get a chance.

    We’ve been providing easy to understand web analytics for 25 years.

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