Get to Know Algustionesa Yoshi

Get to Know Algustionesa Yoshi
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I’m glad you’d to stop by here.

Yo, I am Algustionesa Yoshi. Just call me Yosh. An ordinary netizen based in Semarang, Indonesia.

Follow me on Twitter. Or stalk me on Instagram. If you are a business-oriented person, connect with me on LinkedIn. You could reach me on the Contact page too.

Algustionesa Yoshi’s Writing

I interested in learning a new technology. What I concern is STEM, design, and business.

I will share my thoughts, insights, and ideas here. My writing is covering technology and business. I write to give you another perspective on how technology and business evolving. And how it transform and define our humanity.

One another good topic I would like to write is privacy on the internet. I will share my advice and thoughts on why privacy matter most. I will give you best practice on how to protect your identity on the internet. And share you best-curated resources for protecting your activities online.

Algustionesa Yoshi’s Activities

I love reading the book. The categories I read are the biography, business, technology, science, engineering, nonfiction, and self-help. Now I am on 9th of the 12 books I’ve targeted for 2018.

I am volunteering to translate TED. I translate from English into Indonesian. Challenging my self to submit a translated video every week. You can join too and spread TED videos into any language you master.

I contribute to OpenStreetMap, Here Maps, Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps too. What I do is adding, correcting and review places on it. The reason I do is to make Indonesia more accessible through the most used maps platform.

I do traveling (somewhat) sometimes. Follow along with my travel experience on TripAdvisor. Now I am at level 4 contributor.

While in my spare time, I enjoy watching documentary movies and review visited places 

I build, manage and fund this site by myself.

I will update this page to match my current condition regularly. Make sure you have bookmarked it, so you can check it someday.

This page was last updated on December 6, 2018